Our Mission is guided by the following principles:

  1. Customer-Centric Solutions: We prioritize our customers’ needs and challenges, offering tailored material handling solutions that go beyond expectations. Our extensive fleet of industrial equipment and loaders is designed to empower businesses, enhancing their efficiency and productivity.
  1. Expert On-the-Ground Support: With a network of 72 skilled field service technicians, we ensure rapid response times and on-site expertise. Our team is strategically located throughout the Atlantic provinces, providing localized support that minimizes downtime and maximizes the reliability of our equipment.
  1. Continuous Innovation: Embracing technological advancements, we strive to remain at the forefront of the industry. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our customers benefit from the latest developments in material handling equipment, enhancing their operational capabilities.
  1. Empowering Workforce: We invest in our team, recognizing the vital role they play in our success and the success of our customers. By providing ongoing training and development opportunities, we ensure that our field service technicians possess the skills and knowledge needed to deliver top-tier service.
  1. Safety and Reliability: The safety of our customers’ operations and the reliability of our equipment are paramount. We adhere to the highest standards of safety protocols and quality assurance, instilling confidence in our customers that they can depend on Prime Material Handling for their material handling needs.
  1. Community Engagement: Beyond business, we actively engage with and contribute to the communities we serve. We believe in building lasting relationships, not only with our customers but also with the broader community, fostering a sense of responsibility and shared success.

At Prime Material Handling, our mission is to be more than a supplier – we are a partner in the prosperity of Atlantic Canadian businesses. Through unwavering dedication to excellence and a robust network of field service technicians, we strive to be the cornerstone of success for our customers in the industrial material handling landscape.